Practice Philosophy

We believe the development and alignment of the bones of the jaws and skull, and the proper occlusion of the teeth, are vitally and infinitely related to the overall health and well-being of each individual.

We believe all sorts of medical problems will one day be related to the proper development of the jaws and function of the cranial bones.

We believe that TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) is one of the most often mis-diagnosed, mis-treated, and mis-managed processes of our society at this time.

We believe the quality and length of your life is significantly influenced by your oral and dental health and by the proper functioning of your jaws.

We believe your smile is the most important single attribute of your physical appearance.

We believe your smile is directly related to your self esteem, which is the very core of wellness.

We believe the comfort of your teeth and the appearance of your smile are directly related to your ability to produce income. (This has now been born out statistically.)

We believe you should be able to chew efficiently and with comfort.

We believe self-responsibility is the essence of all health.

We believe halitosis (bad breath) can potentially damage or destroy one's personal relationships.

We believe natural teeth were meant to last a lifetime.

We believe essentially all dental disease processes can be prevented and/or arrested.

We believe your oral health is affected not only by how well you brush and floss, but also by your lifestyle and mindstyle.

We believe almost all modern dental procedures can be accomplished with little or no discomfort.

We believe strongly in continuing education and personal growth, both for ourselves and our clients.

We believe excellent dentistry can enhance your ability to love, to enjoy, and to achieve, which is our definition of wellness.

We believe dentistry should be provided in a safe environment, both biologically and emotionally.

We believe we are uniquely gifted and talented to provide excellent dental treatment.

THEREFORE: We take our work very, very seriously, and perform it in a fun loving and relaxed atmosphere.