Cranial-Mandibular-Cervical (CMC) Orthodontics

CMC orthodontics is next generation of what is sometimes called gnathologic orthopedics or orthopedic gnathology or orthopedic orthodontics. It is the most advanced and comprehensive form of treatment on the planet for TMJ dysfunction and orthodontic correction. The differences between CMC orthodontics and traditional orthodontics are extensive. The initial phase of CMC orthodontics is devoted to getting the bones of the jaws and the skull in their proper position and in an orthogonal (right angle) relationship with each other. Rarely, if ever, are permanent teeth removed in CMC orthodontics, and the use of "headgear" is virtually non-existent. Additionally, many cases which are considered "surgical cases" can be treated very nicely in a non-surgical manner and with a superior result. Although, CMC orthodontics is generally a two-phase treatment (orthopedic and orthodontic), rarely is total treatment time longer than that of traditional orthodontics. The only exception to this would be when the treatment objective is one, which is completely unobtainable through traditional orthodontics.

Body structures are in a dynamic position. That position is such as it is because that is where all the forces which come into play are in equilibrium. All we have to do to effect the movement and or remodeling of the bone is to very lightly tip the balance of forces in favor of a more ideal or "correct position" for the bones of the skull and the entire masticatory system. Once movement and/or remodeling have begun, we orchestrate the movement of the bones into optimal relationships with each other and that results in a degree of function and comfort that is otherwise impossible to achieve.

The goals and objectives of this type of treatment can be found at this website under the titles "TMJ Dysfunction" or Cranio-mandibular-cervical Orthodontics" and the subtitle "Rational for Diagnosis and Treatment."